Mourinho we know today is a charismatic leader proved in the top European leagues. However, when he arrived in England in 2004, nobody could foresee what was coming. Reining Champions League winner at the time showed up with a bang. In his first press conference, he declared himself as “The Special One”. Just as you’d expect, the English media went crazy!

But Mourinho wasn’t just strong on words. He arrived at Chelsea just when Roman Abramovich was fully settled in as the owner of the club. The duo proved to be deadly, as Mourinho won the league in his first season at the helm! To add to this, Chelsea also won the league cup and knocked Barcelona out of the Champions League in the round of 16.

An immediate success, however, didn’t go without controversy. Mourinho was sent off in the league cup final against Liverpool after taunting their fans who provoked him earlier in the match. But Chelsea winning the league wasn’t just any league title, either. Mourinho won it by setting the record in a number of points won, with 95. Not only that, but Chelsea set the record that is expected to stay for years by conceding only 15(!) goals throughout the whole season.

Mourinho domination extended to the following season when Chelsea defended the title and set themselves as a powerhouse for years to come. 

In those two seasons of glory, Mourinho didn’t just win the two league titles. He provided media with all the material they needed, started controversy wherever he could, provoked and won consistently, and it led to an even bigger marketing boom of the Premier League.

While he was loud and provocative to the media and his fellow manager colleagues, he was beloved by most of his players and staff. Multiple Chelsea players at the time were quoted saying that they would run through a brick wall if Mourinho asked them to. 

But just as you’d expect with such powerful characters, the clash between Abramovich and Mourinho arrived in the 2006/07 season. Reason for this clash? Andriy Shevchenko. The amazing Ukranian striker was a long-time wish of Abramovich. He did not, however, fit in Jose’s plans and was put on the bench more often than Abramovich would’ve liked. Mourinho preferred Drogba, his reliable striker for big matches.

This clash ended in September of 2007 when Jose left Chelsea. After his departure, both went separate ways, with Mourinho traveling to Italy, then to Spain and winning the leagues in each country, and Chelsea managing long-time wish by winning the Champions League in 2012.

After six years of separation, Mourinho and Chelsea were reunited again. This time, Mourinho was a familiar face in England, and pretty much everyone was happy to have him back. This didn’t change Mourinho, who stayed firm in his principles of counter-attacking football and talking about what he wants when he wants it at all times.

This approach won him the Premier League title in 2015 with a dominant campaign which included only three losses in a whole season.

Just as the first time, the ending was bitter as the team failed massively in the following season. Mourinho was targeted as a man responsible for this, which meant that he was leaving the club once again.

To get his revenge, Mourinho moved to Chelsea’s rivals – Manchester United. With Conte and Guardiola joining in, the world was ready for a historical league campaign. This, however, we didn’t get with Conte dominating the first season, and Guardiola taking over the following two. 

Mourinho’s constant clashing with the team’s superstar Paul Pogba was a fight he couldn’t win. Perhaps Jose lost his touch with an outdated approach to man-management, or he couldn’t keep up with the tactical requirements of world football and he’s losing touch, just like all the other people in football who couldn’t adapt. No matter which one it is, we’re sure that Jose will be back one day, and just like everyone else, we’re more than looking forward to it.